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Ok Kids here it is...This is your opportunity to enable all the friends you made here in Korea to keep in touch with you!! All ya need to do is e-mail Doug and he'll put your name (first, last & nicknames) and e-mail on this here page!! Wow! It's that easy!!
Doug Thompson (one of the Drunken Lazy Bastards)
Dave Dolejsi (the other Drunken Lazy Bastard)
Greg Mamunes (Spoken Word Guy)
Scott Carter (The bald Bondeagi Drummer)
Regina Shannon (Blonde Hootchie)
Mark Holt (Jack Daniels 'couz)
Carolyn Bissett (Tall blond chick)
Gillian Petitpierre (Gillian Gilligan)
Jim Lavie (A regular babo)
Sophie Grandmorts (Spunky french chick)
Catherine Doe (the TV chick)
Steve Oliver (Just another tall guy)
Ted Haddox (Ted)
Doug Spivey (Flight Medic)
Colin Kelly (Wild 'n Crazy Guy!!)
Erin Nicholson (the short cute brunette)
Dave Schult (Magic Dave!!)
Jennifer Filalkowska (of Steph & Jen fame)
Leo Rimanich (Lost soul)
Robert Arnold (that guy)
mayumi (japan) (that girl)
Kimberley Phillips (Crazy dance girl - with the short skirts)
John Weis (singer bondagai)
Christina Schuck (sexy sax mama)
Bernie Van Doninck (call me bird) Jean Clude Boudreau (Web Slinger) Stacey Tabert (Neo girl but knot)
Kim wonsup (That Grey Hair, Mr.Kim)